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1)  The league shall be called the Nuneaton Sunday Pool League

2)  The league is for the purpose of promoting the game of pool in Nuneaton and the surrounding areas by organising team, singles and doubles competitions.

3)  The league shall elect a committee to manage all business appertaining to the league.

4)   The committee should consist of 3 Senior officers, Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer plus an incumbent committee member.

5)  The incumbent committee member may be used to fill any senior position, in an acting role, that may occur during the year until the next A.G.M.

6)   The committee shall have the full authority to make any decision that in their opinion is necessary or beneficial to its members.

7)   The committee reserves the right to refuse membership to any team or individual if for any reason they consider that granting of membership would be detrimental to the league.

8)   There will be an Annual General Meeting held.

9)  The Treasurer will provide a balance sheet at the A.G.M.

10)  Proposals for the A.G.M. must be provided to the Secretary on or before the delegates meeting that is one month prior to the A.G.M.

11)  Voting at the A. G .M. will be one vote per team and the Chairman will hold the casting vote if required.

12)  There will be meetings held throughout the season and the dates for these will be stated within the fixture list/calendar provided. 

13)  A role call will be performed at the start of each meeting.

14)  Non-attendance of meetings will result in the said team being deducted 5 points per meeting missed. There are now only 3 meeting per season, all of which need to be attended as they are for the reasons.

a) Meeting 1; Fixture hand out.

b) Meeting 2; Singles, Doubles fees to be paid.

c) Meeting 3; Registration for the following season.



15)  Registration of teams with fees should be made at the appointed meeting where Registration forms for players will be provided. The forms should be returned at the next meeting as stated in the calendar.  A team may sign a maximum of 12 players at any one time. If a team with 12 players want to sign another player they must release one of the 12. The released player cannot resign for the team that released them. Any team playing an unregistered will be deducted 5 points, if a team registers a player on the day of the match that player must wait a week before they play or the team will be deducted 5 points.  

16)  All teams are required to enter a minimum of 2 singles and 1 doubles pair and one 3 man team into the knockouts. Failure to do so will result in a deduction of 5 points.

17)  New signings or transfers can be text, e-mailed or posted to the Facebook page for the Secretary to confirm 24 hours before a match and players must wait 24 hours before they can play. Transfers are not allowed after the halfway stage of the season.

18)  Any team who plays an unregistered player will be barred from the league.

19)  There is no minimum age to players but entry to any venue is subject to the discretion of the landlord. It is advisable to contact the landlord so as not to cause any embarrassment to either party on the night.

20) All games will consist of 6 singles and 2 doubles frames with 1 point awarded for each frame won. A further 2 points will be awarded to the winning team. If both teams are short of players the   away team will be awarded the final frame(s) . In the event of a tie in a cup match both teams will nominate one player for a one frame playoff.

21)  Players should have played in a League game (singles or doubles) before the QF of Cup and Plate competitions to be eligible to play from the Quarter Finals onwards or played in the earlier rounds of the cup / Plate.  Any players who do not meet this criteria will be deemed as Cup tied if played and the tie awarded to the opposing team. Players who transfer are only eligible to play Cup and/or Plate matches if they have not played in either competition before transferring.

22)  League and cup matches will start at 8:15 pm unless it is a meeting night when the start time will be 8:30pm and thus points x and xi below run 15 minutes later than stated.

23)  The winning team are responsible for reporting the result to the League Secretary on the night of the game. This also applies to the winners of League organised events that include Cup matches and Singles and doubles knockouts.

24)  The first 3 singles and both of the doubles names  of both teams must be on the scorecard by 8:15 pm and the rest of the names by 8:45 pm.

25)   If a team is not at the venue by 8:15 pm then the first frame will be awarded, by 8:25 pm the second frame awarded, by 8:35 pm the third frame awarded and by 8:45 pm then the whole match is awarded 8-0.

26)  In the event of a tied points total in the final League standings the following criteria will apply :-

a) Most wins

b) Most frames won

c) Head to head in the matches between the teams

d) Play off between the sides in question at a neutral venue decided by the committee

e) In the event of multiple teams needing to play off, a shortened format involving the teams to be played at a neutral venue. The format being decided by the committee depending on the number of teams volved.                                                       

27)  Teams who wish to postpone their League game(s) must inform both the Secretary and the opposing captain. Cup games must be played on or before the scheduled date.

28)  An immediate 2 point deduction will apply to the team responsible for the postponement

29)  Any team that cancels on the day of the match will forfeit the game 8-0

30)  Postponed League games must be played at the earliest available date, if the game has not been played within 4 weeks of the original date the Fixtures Secretary will consult with both Captains to arrange a new date.

31)  Failure to complete the rearranged fixture will result in the match being awarded 8-0 to the team who were not originally responsible for the postponement.

32)  Any team that misses 3 matches will be withdrawn from the league for that season. Teams that are withdrawn or withdraw from the league will have their record removed, so that all teams that are due to play them will receive a bye, back to the beginning of the season unless it is past the halfway point. If this is the case then the results from the first half of the season will stand.

33)  Singles and doubles competitions will start at the time stated when the draw and venues are announced as amount of entries have to be taken into consideration. All matches should be played at the stated venue, unless a change is made with the agreement/authorisation of the Fixtures Secretary and will consist of the best of 3 frames until the final which will be the best of 5 frames. No player can be replaced by another player in the singles. In the Doubles competition One player of the pair maybe changed for another player prior to the commencement of the tournament, that player however cannot already have been in the draw. Players from different teams may enter as a doubles pairing.

34)   3 Man Knock Out:  Teams entered into the 3 man knock out must consist of 3 players from the same team. One player maybe changed for another player prior to the commencement of the tournament, that player however cannot already have been in the draw. Players cannot be altered once a team has played a match in the tournament.

35)  Should a venue fail to sponsor the table for a cup match or knockout competition then that pub or club will not be offered a venue again.

36)  In the event of competing team numbers changing the intention is to always promote 2 sides per division from the previous season. League numbers will be adjusted to accommodate number of entries. The committee will decide and make any adjustments if necessary.

37)  Rose Relics get 5 points bonus every time they play a match.


                                                                          APPLICATION OF RULES 

The League Secretary shall co-ordinate all fixtures and results, and apply the rules as seen fit based on the known evidence.

Any disputes should be made in writing to the Chairman with a 5 deposit.  The Committee will then discuss and the affected parties will be informed privately. Any dispute that is upheld will receive their deposit back

                                                                              SOCIAL MEDIA

The League will operate a Facebook Group. The group is to be used for all results and communications only. Any appeals will be invalid if this group is used as a debating platform for any issues/disputes and any person who abuses these conditions will be suspended from the League for 3 matches with further suspension for repeat offences. The Administrators of the site reserve the right to accept and or remove any person(s) who misuse the group.

 WEBSITE: Address is as follows


                                                                               THE GAME

1)  The game shall be governed by The League's Official Rule Sheet

2)  Refereeing should be by the Captain or a player of his/her choice.

3)  The referee’s decision is final and any disputes regarding a referee’s decision must be taken to the Committee.

4)  The referee must ask the player to nominate the intended pocket for the black ball.

5)  Frames are to be refereed alternately with the home team  refereeing all odd numbered frames.

6)  Each frame should commence with the toss of a coin with the winning player deciding whether to break or pass it to their opponent.

                                                                            ENJOY YOUR GAME