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Oak All Fancy Dress

Royal Oak 'A' pool team showed there up for a laugh at Colin Richards' 50th Birthday bash last month by turning up as Colin's all time favourite band The Village people...... Mark Chapman commented' Fancy Dress?' (see photo)

'I'm no shit head' says Jefferies

We at the cue beg to differ Mr Jefferies.... Our top photographer Snap Happy Larry took this what could become iconic photo last week as Jefferies settled down to watch Neighbours (see Photo)

Royal Oak in Training

Royal Oak pool team spotted trying to get in shape for the new season (see photo)


After 20 years playing like one Andy West turns in to a cabbage (see photo)


Rich Cave asks the question 'Have you seen the Hoff?'

The Cue asks you 'Are you prepared to see the Hoff?'

See the Hoff


Ugly or not you decided

We at The Cue ask 'Is this the ugliest bunch of Muppets you've ever seen? (See Photo)